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Premium France Corse Wine, 2005

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Enjingi Zweigelt

Enjingi Zweigelt, 2012

Country: Croatian
Year: 2012
Size: 0.75
Type: Red wine
Grape: Zweigelt

CERTIFIED ORGANIC, NATURAL WINE A Zweigelt like you have never, ever had before! Normally a varietal that is associated with Austria, Enjingi's Zweigelt is breathtakingly unique and top world-class quality. In our field of work, these types of wines are what make everything worth it! A true wine for the ages! The Zweigelt vine is a vigorous one and yield control is crucial to produce high-quality wine -- which is Enjingi's specialty! Don't let the "Late Harvest" fool you in the name. Enjingi Late Harvest Zweigelt is a DRY Zweigelt that is ruby-red in color and has incredible elegance, structure, and lusciousness on the palate that you normally don't expect from the Zweigelt grape. A beautifully rich, unique, and complex palate of dried and ripe currants, aromatic herbs, bayleaf, with just a touch of tree bark.