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Zlatan Plavac - Otok Hvar

Zlatan Plavac - Otok Hvar, 2015

Country: Croatian
Year: 2015
Type: Red wine
Grape: Plavac Mali

A premium red wine from Zlatan Plenković, one of Croatia’s best winemakers, that does not carry such an extra-ordinary premium price. The wine is dark ruby in color, with a rich and layered, pleasant, and deep aroma that has undertones of Dalmatian herbs, spices, minerality, saltiness, dark fruit, and a touch of barnyard and “funk.” The wine is warm and comforting on the nose, which is typical of Zlatan’s wines and has given them a specific identity and cult-following in Croatia and Europe. It is immensely structured and balanced, and possesses a refined, complex, and an exceptional presence on the palate that is followed by a long and persistent finish. Zlatan Plavac has long been linked as the traditional drinks of fishermen, peasants and farmers, as well as the exceptional wine connoisseur, with the very best “details” that a Croatian table has to offer during a special occasion.