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Premium France Corse Wine, 2005

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Zlatan Posip

Zlatan Posip, 2020

Country: Croatian
Year: 2020
Size: 0.75
Type: White wine
Grape: Posip

PRACTICING ORGANIC From the pristine Croatian coast, comes this Pošip, an ancient indigenous Croatian varietal that is extremely popular in its home country. With one of the oldest wine histories in the world, this unique Croatian Pošip has a straw-golden color, with denseness that leaves a thick trail in the glass. Aged in stainless steel, it is loaded with bright, full, and distinctive flavors, with aromas of dried apricots and figs. A bit leaner, fresher, and more expressive than what is normally found in Pošip from Čara, Korčula Island, it is a delightful gastronomical experience when paired with Mediterranean-styled seafood, dried or smoked ham, aged cheeses, and grilled pork chops.