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Roxanich Super Istrian Cuvee

Roxanich Super Istrian Cuvee, 2008

Country: Croatian
Region: Istria
Year: 2008
Type: Red wine

With the Super Istrian, attention to detail is key here! And one would say a perfect harmony of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Borgonja (Gamay) is the result! The nose provides a showcase for all three grapes equally, even though the percentages do not support the claim. Soft, plush, fluffy, smooth, silky, structured, and very drinkable – but not the least bit generic! It is remarkable how much only 20% of Borgonja does! It provides such much life and excitement to the Merlot’s and Cabernet Sauvignon’s mountainous structure, depth, and presence on the nose and palate. It is very hard not to like this wine and what Mladen Rožanić tries to convey with it – that Croatia does not just produce wine, but that it represents a very important and vital wine culture that should not, by all means, be overlooked!